Everyone is welcome

We are the first glamping site to achieve the Autism Friendly Award from the National Autistic Society which we have held for three years. We are ambassadors for the Global Purple Angle dementia friendly scheme and have received the 'All Welcome' tourism training. In 2019 we joined the 'Ask for Clive' movement to stand against intolerance and provide a safe space for the LGBTQ community. Recently we joined the sunflower lanyards scheme for hidden disabilities. We are ready to recognise and assist any guest wearing the lanyard as required, we will be including a sunflower lanyard in our sunflower pack, which can be ordered when you book your stay.


 Take a look at Leafy's List on our website for ideas of local attractions and activities that are suitable and of interest for families who struggle with crowds.

We appreciate that hidden disabilities are different for each individual, we are here to help were we can to enable your whole family to have a relaxing time. 

  Our 'Sunflower room', a sensory play space in the stable block is always very popular, giving a place to chill and relax with a parent. If you would like to have the key for this room during your stay you can pre-book the sunflower pack as an extra at the time of booking your holiday, the small fee for this goes towards cleaning and maintaining the room and equipment. 

The safari lodges have cubby play areas with some toys which can act as a chill out area for children, within the tents, who need a little separate time.

We have hedging and fencing all around our glamping field and our front gates are kept locked (you are issued a key on arrival) to slow wonderers/runners, giving parents a chance to catch up.

We are an independent family run business, our prices are not subsidised.

We look forward to welcoming you to Leafy Fields.

Now Taking Bookings for 2020 

cubby in the safari lodge

the safari lodges have a small cubby play space

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