Miniature Horses

We have 4 miniature horses that live on our glamping site they are our children's pets. Lilly, Bella, Minty and April. they are around 32 inches high. April is away with a friend learning how to be a horse as she was a bottle baby.

lilly and bella in field mini horses

If you or your children would like to have a grooming session with our horses while you are staying with us please pre-book this activity with your holiday. T&C apply.

At Ingleton Farm we have some little guinea piggies. They have different textures of fur and just love to be cuddled. Nothing more happy than a guinea cuddle.

We often have baby guineas to snuggle too. 

Guinea pigs

We have a couple of small flocks of Quails that are fun to watch scampering about in their runs. They lay delicious eggs. If you would like to try them while you are with us do just ask.  


In the summer of 2019 we got a small flock of Bantums. We chose them as they are quite quiet and friendly chickens, easy to hold and handle and soft to the touch. We keep them in a pen with plenty of room to stretch their wings as we have buzzards living in the trees near our site who would pray on them if they were free range. For the 2021 season we have increased our flock to include a number of chickens that lay blue, white, brown and double yoke eggs.


Bobbie and Brian are our two pampered farm cats. They live on site and are often to be found visiting our guests in the safari lodges. They are brothers, bobby is the black one and the most friendly. 



Our sheep are a tiny rare breed. They are very friendly, especially Colin, our lamb born during lockdown 1. 

They will come to see you at the fence and may eat some sheep feed out of your hand. Please only feed them our sheep feed. Always wash your hands after feeding or petting our sheep and pop the bag in the bin please.