A Wildlife Haven

We provide a variety of habitats for wildlife on our site; including log piles, bug hotels, solitary bee hives, long grass areas, tall hedges with berries left for birds into the winter and over grown areas for wildlife to hide. We have also put up bird boxes and scattered wild flower seeds this summer.

We allow the grass to grow long and go to seed before being cut to help scatter the seed across the drive and carpark to encourage grass to grow across these stony areas. We do not use weed killers on our site.   

Our guests are encouraged to explore our natural environment, we provide wildlife information books and displays, bug hunting and bird watching kits. We also provide hot water bottles to reduce the use of electricity on site at night.

We have taken part in the Devon greater horseshoe bat survey which has given us some very interesting information about the bats that hunt on our field. We encourage our guests to enjoy watching the bats feeding at dusk in the various feeding grounds that our site offers them. We also have a bat detector available to burrow and listen to the bats hunting.