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Hikki Bohemen, Hot Tub

Badger Safari tent has the benefit of the privet use of our Scandinavian Hikki Bohemen, wood fired hot tub.

The Bohemen hot tub allows you to soak in Scandinavian luxury. Featuring a built-in wood fired stove. The hot tub offers a unique outside bathing experience. The tub has an inviting oak wood interior filled with  fresh water. It can accommodate up to two adults in comfort. There are no flashy lights or fountains and jets. The Bohemen hot tub offers a natural clean, authentic, wood-fired bathing experience. The water is freshly changed for each use, to offer relaxing outdoors bathing comfort. 

The hot tub is an optional extra which can be added on a nightly rate to your stay at time of booking. It is not included in the tent rental. We will fill the tub with fresh water and set up the wood in the internal stove ready for you to light when you are ready. You will need to feed the stove with wood every 10-15mins until the water reaches the correct temperature. The fire must not be allowed to flame above the water line and the lid of the stove should be kept in the closed position to prevent the seat becoming burnt. The heating can take around 2hours and requires close attention to keep the fire going. Full instructions on its safe use will be given on hire. The hot tub is ideal if you are planning a relaxed evening with a book.


Hot Tub Safety

  • The hot tub is located in a privet gated area, tucked away next to Badger Safari tent. When not in use the gate is kept closed for child safety.

  • When operating the hot tub please always follow the instructions provided.

  • Please shower with soap and water before and after your hot tub. Everyone using the tub must use the toilet before bathing. There are no additional sanitation chemicals in the water. If a nappy leaks or someone urinates in the water it will be contaminated, the water will need to be cooled and emptied, then cleaned and disinfected before refilling - the tub will be out of use for at least 24hours. If this occurs through misuse or from sewage there will be no refund and incur a £30 charge to clean.  

  • Don't use any oils or bath products in the hot tub to prevent staining the tub.

  • Please don't use fake tanning products before your stay, to prevent staining the hot tub.

  • Please remove all jewellery before entering the tub.

  • The hot tub is not suitable for children under the age of 5, due to risk of over heating.

  • Children in the tub must be closely supervised at all times for risk of drowning and burning.

  • Children must not operate the hot tub, especially not the wood burner.

  • The stove and flu are very hot during use. Do not touch the metal it will be hot. Keep the lid in place on the burner to prevent the wood seat burning.

  • Don't light the stove unless the tub is filled with water and do not empty the water until the stove is cold, to prevent the stove damaging or splitting.

  •  The water temperature should be kept no higher than 100F (37C) and 104F (40C) which is considered a healthy temperature. Bathing time should be limited to 20 mins to avoid over heating. If the water is a little cooler (36C-37C) the bathing time can be extended up to 1 hour. It is advisable to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Check the floating thermometer before and during your use of the tub and confirm you are happy with the water temperature with your hand before entering. Do not climb in if the water is too hot  Prolonged sitting in hot water can make you drowsy.

  • If you are pregnant, have heart disease, diabetes, low or high blood pressure, obesity, or any other serious illness, are taking medication that might affect your alertness, heart rate, blood pressure and circulation.... please seek medical advice about the use of hot tubs before your stay.

  • If you receive a burn or scold while operating the tub, then immerse the affected area in cold water and seek medical advice from 999 or 111, especially if the area affected is on the hand or face or larger than your palm, or on a child. 

  • If you become over heated during the use of the tub and heat stroke is suspected get out of the tub and cool down immediately.. seek medical advice - call 999 or 111.   

  • Do not use the hot tub if you are under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other drugs that may cause sleepiness, drowsiness or raise/lower blood pressure.

  • avoid using the hot tub immediately after a large meal or exercise to avoid drowsiness.

  • if you feel any irritation to your skin during your bathing please immediately get out of the tub and shower with your usual soaps. 

  • Do not use glassware in the hot tub, plastic safety glasses are provided.

  • Do not use electric items in or near the water.

  • The wood in the tub can be slippy and care must be taken to avoid slips while entering and leaving the tub. Take care when walking on the deck after soaking in the tub as you may have become a little wobbly on your legs as your muscles may be relaxed.

  • Don't remove water before the burner is cooled and don't remove wood that if part burnt from the burner, it can  be hot and may re-ignite unexpectedly causing burn or fire.

  • Keep matches and firelighter safely away from children.

  • Don't overload the tub by exceeding the maximum number of people.     

  • repair for neglectful damage caused to the tub will be charged to the person who booked the accommodation.

  • as we are a family site we respectfully ask that you do not use the hot tub after 10pm and are respectful of others on site by not being noisy while using the tub.


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