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We Don’t light it up Blue

As 2nd April approaches with World Autism Day... we don’t ‘light it up blue’ on world Autism Day. we do not support ‘Autism Speaks’ behind the ‘light it up blue campaign’ it is an American organisation seen by many in the autistic community as a very negative influence invoking very strong opinions about the representation of autism as an illness that needs curing rather than a difference that requires acceptance and understanding ‘different, not less’ we do support the day we just don’t do the Blue thing we much prefer pink and purple. This is our personal view from a family with an autistic adult and children we hope you understand, we don’t mean to unset. We do celebrate Autistic Pride Day on the 18th June ‘proud to be me’ And we support the UK National Autistic Society’s Autism Awareness Week in early April. X we have created a pink and a purple shirt also available as a hoodie to celebrate autism awareness week and the on going events through April to raise awareness or autism #autismpride #autisticprideday2018 #autisticprideday #autismawarenessday #autusmrocks #autismfriendly #acceptance #autisticCommunity #autisticpolitics #autisticviews #differentnotless #worldautismday #dontlightitupblue 


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