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March 2020 - News From Leafy Fields

News From Leafy Fields Glamping - March2020

Well it has been a while since our last catch up, what a lot of rain we have had. With the ground truly saturated, I am sure everyone is struggling with the mud and water. We have moved our mini horses to some concrete and our little sheep are inside now until they lamb, sadly one of our ewes, Bunty miscarried in mid march, although these things happen it is still very sad and we are taking extra special care of her to help her recover.

Our guinea pig herd had 2 litters in February, they are all healthy and enjoying a lot of attention from the children. The baby boys are now separated from the girls as at 21days old they are grown up, if not full size yet.

With the new risks of Corvid-19 we are closely following government advice for our little business. We have installed a hand wash station for all people visiting our site to use on arrival or after petting our animals. We already clean our accommodation units to a high standard but now also promote hand washing and pay special attention to 'touch' areas like switches and handles.

February saw our willow hearts crafting workshop, using our own willow. These seasonal craft workshops are proving very popular and enjoyable, so we will continue with the next one being vintage tea cup candles in March for Mothers Day. We hope to have some guest crafters leading some workshops over the warmer months.

Before the glamping season gets going there are always a few tourism industry events, this year there have been quite a few in our little part of Devon and it has been lovely to get together with old friends and make new contacts in what is often quite an isolated industry. It is lovely to know other tourism business owners in the area. There was a good bye party for the Blackdown Business Association as they sadly close down, followed by a website launch event for the new Mid Devon tourism group in Tiverton. Earlier in the year their was a South West Tourism conference at Westpoint and more recently a very enjoyable awards training day at another autism friendly tourism business in North Devon. It was lovey to share ideas and experiences as we are few and far between. We have gained lots of ideas and are looking forward to putting them into action, especially the animal handling and petting. If you would like to know more about our business do get in touch.


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